How we work

McCabe and Barton pride ourselves on the close long-term relationships that we have with our clients. Everyone in our team works all roles within their vertical specialism. Our business is based on our network of long-term professional relationships, and our deep knowledge of Technology, Digital, Business Change and BAU across Global Financial Services and Central Government.

From Developer to CIO we work very closely with all our candidates in an open and transparent manner, we are always around to help, advise or just bounce ideas off. Working closely with clients, we look to understand not only the role in question but the clients’ culture, organisation and strategy. Our consultants and researchers have in-depth market, candidate and client knowledge in their niche areas. We thoroughly interview all our candidates, wherever possible this is face to face.

About our recruitment process


We are more than a traditional recruitment company; we also offer a flexible outsourced, bespoke recruitment (or recruitment and HR if required) service for companies who do not wish to hire a full time HR and / or recruitment person.

We can offer an outsourced, bespoke recruitment and on-boarding service in which we will take responsibility for;

    Assisting with job specification writing.
    Sourcing – whether consultancy /contract / permanent.
    Initial interviewing and testing if required.
    Presentation of candidates/ shortlists and market mapping in case of executive and senior search.
    Diary management and interview arranging.
    On-boarding and vetting of new staff.
    Diversity and inclusion recruitment.

Diversity and Inclusion

At McCabe & Barton we treat everyone fairly and consistently, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, age, religion or belief, sexual orientation, political belief or any disability.

We believe that through our diverse networks, which have grown organically, we can best serve our clients by providing the strongest and most relevant candidates through recommendations and referrals as well as by proactively searching. This allows us to target a wider range of diverse individuals- we are not reliant on candidates approaching us or even being active in the market.

Our Clients

We work very closely and in partnership with our clients almost as an extension of their own team, we believe in working in an agile and interactive way. It is important for us to understand all of the background and what you are trying to achieve with every hire - and on many occasions we have helped our Clients write draft job specifications.

No matter what the level we utilise a Search and Headhunting approach to find the strongest individuals - not just those that are actively looking. Clients like the fact that we can deliver from top down. We interview all candidates and stay in constant contact with them throughout the process so that we can keep the client continually updated. As part of our daily activities we are constantly gathering objective information on the marketplace - we know who is recruiting and in which areas, what technologies are most in demand, who's investing in what this year, what the market-rate salaries and bonuses are, plus we have information on numerous other market dynamics. We are often relied on by our Clients to provide a variety of market data.

Our Candidates

Our candidates are the backbone of our business; we strongly believe it is essential to treat all candidates professionally and with respect. Working in partnership, we will ensure we are honest and open with our candidates and at all stages we will give you feedback as soon as we have it. We provide advice and guidance throughout the process, we often provide career counselling and will help and advise on CVs, interviewing and resignation.

Whether we find you, or you approach us, we will work with you to enhance your career by offering advice on your next step and help you achieve your goals. We will work with you to understand your experience and skills, to determine what type of organisations you would like to work for and which ones would suit you, and help you to develop your ideas about where your career is going. We will discuss the roles with you in depth, discuss the culture of a prospective organisation and work closely with you to give honest feedback throughout the interview process. Our goal is to place you within the right organisation where you will be able to realise your career goals, enjoy the team environment and contribute to the overall success of that organisation.

Contingent recruitment

For all levels of roles, we use our wide and extensive network, databases, job boards, advertising and depending on the client’s time constraints “cold” research and search to find and approach those individuals not actively looking or active in the market place.

As a minimum we conduct detailed telephone interviews with our candidates and aim to meet face-to-face although again, time constraints can make this difficult. We always stay close to our candidates throughout the process and keep the client updated throughout. We strongly believe in an honest and open approach with both client and candidate.

More than just a Recruitment Company

McCabe & Barton are more than a traditional recruitment company, we also work with clients and candidates alike on:

Recruitment strategy

Planning and forecasting

Sourcing – consultancy/ contract / permanent

Job families/ specifications

Market mapping/ Market Data

Career planning

Sustainable succession planning

Talent Management

Capability Matrix definition (in conjunction with job specs)

Salary/ Rate Benchmarking

Assist in writing role descriptions

Recruitment Process


Technical tests

Psychometric Testing

Diversity Recruitment

Market research, reports