Regulatory IT Team Leader

Regulatory IT Team Leader Luxembourg. In this role you will be the go-to person for Regulatory (REG) projects and the REG roadmaps.


  • The manager made it clear that if you find REG boring this role is not for you.
  • You will be 1 of 4 Capability Leads in Luxembourg. Each team is made up of 6-7 people. Some DEV's, some BA's and some from employees who are from an outsourced development Easter EU based company. The plan is reduce this dependency.
  • Last year was Mifid and Priips and Solvency, next year's REG projects/challenges will be different.
  • If you don't have a REG background you can learn and need to want to learn and become the go to person for all REG IT Projects and the impact.
  • The role can be built around the right person. If you have a DEV background and you want to be the TECH lead then good.
  • If you are more of a PM then you will be someone who leads the architecture more for you Talking to business is KEY.
  • The REG impact on the business and the other 4 Teams I mention above.
  • Business change is key. How reg impact the dev teams and the business and the 4 capability leads (CL) and their teams.
  • You will be very close to the other 4 CL leads as all REG impact on them and their teams. Business relationship.
  • Coordinate REG, meet the regulatory, change requirements and change.
  • AGILE is important so good if you know this but it's not a must but an advantage for sure.
  • You have hiring/firing authority. budget, running projects.
  • The manager does not want to micromanage you. He wants someone to have autonomy to run with project and his/her work/team. .
  • The manager can/will build the right team around the right CL.
  • Soft skills are key and culture fit. How you operate, how you think/work.
  • Enthusiasm on Management and Team leading and the REG side is key.
  • As a company Client are moving towards Micro services and Azure and cloud so passion in this always helps.

For more information please contact Nicholas Simic – - 020 7796 3218