Central Government

In 2015 we started working with Central Government, providing permanent and interim leaders in Technology, Architecture, Digital, Data. We have an extremely strong record working with a number of Departments, Agencies and arms-length bodies successfully sourcing and selecting candidates in this very competitive market. We are very proud to work on these roles, without exception these opportunities are hugely exciting and challenging; transformational roles working at a scale, scope and complexity rarely seen in any other organisations. For these reasons and many others these are very attractive roles for candidates, many who have taken the step from the private sector and are looking for something new. We work very closely with all of our candidates but often provide extra coaching for individuals making this transition, helping and guiding through the selection/interview process especially. Our strategy is to work very closely and iteratively with the Hiring Manager; asking lots of questions, providing benchmark CVs, keeping a constant feedback loop and improving our search throughout. When sourcing candidates we focus our efforts primarily on proactive search using a proven and effective combination of cold research, referrals and recommendations from our trusted networks and wide pool of existing relationships within the technology and digital transformation world. We will headhunt and target key individuals in the digital space and those working for organisations leading the way in digital transformation. We always work in a transparent and honest way with both candidates and clients, ensuring all parties are kept up to date throughout. For each search we develop an interview scorecard to objectively screen candidates that we share with the Hiring managers. We understand the process that needs to be adhered to but will also work with our clients to streamline the process whenever possible, such as organising psychometric testing directly. If you are interested in learning more about working for Central Government please contact Caroline Goldie or Justin Frankum.

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