About McCabe & Barton

Our Story

McCabe & Barton are part of the Holley Holland Group.

Having built our reputation on successfully delivering cross-functional results within Technology & Business, Change and Transformation, for 20 years, we are respected and regarded as an industry leader in recruitment research and execution. 

Our founder and Managing Director, Gillian McCabe, comes from a Senior Technology Delivery background prior to establishing McCabe & Barton, and more recently has led global workforce planning programmes on site for large corporate businesses. Gillian is also a trained diversity coach, an issue which we are extremely passionate about championing and a core element of our business. 

By developing long term relationships with our clients, acting as an extension of their business, identifying and engaging suitable candidates on their behalf, we have established ourselves as trusted partners.

We are a member of APSCO and have recently been successfully audited.


We celebrate the value that a diverse team can bring to any business. We believe that the wider the diversity of experience and thought, the greater the pool of knowledge available for decision making, creativity and innovation.

We achieve this by:

  • Partnering with communities, networks and advocating for diversity awareness
  • Providing training on cultural sensitivity and unconscious bias
  • Utilising suppliers that are committed to diversity and inclusion
  • Recruiting for ourselves with diversity in mind

Policy alone is not enough to create an inclusive culture, which is why we believe in opportunity for all and take our responsibility to the industry seriously. We do this by challenging our clients’ hiring and development practices to ensure they are securing the talent to drive diversity and inclusion within their organisation.

Our Approach

We work in an agile and interactive way in close partnership with our clients – almost as an extension of their own team.  We believe it is vital for us to understand our clients’ background and ethics as well as the requirements to enable us to screen candidates effectively.

Clients have told us they like the fact that we are not bound by the constraints of larger corporate firms. For contract and permanent recruitment we employ a wide variety of  techniques, thoroughly screening all candidates and placing emphasis on an open and honest process throughout.   

We keep our clients updated during the process ensuring they are informed of any pain points, providing feedback and suggestions on how the campaign could be improved where appropriate. 

We pride ourselves on our tenacity, persevering to deliver results to our clients .

On a daily basis, we gather objective information on the marketplace – to help our clients make informed decisions on, such as; market-rate salaries, the latest technologies, in demand skills, market trends.

We'd like to tell you more, so get in touch with one of our consultants today.