Practice Areas

Asset Management

Having worked with Asset and Wealth Managers since day one, it has grown to be the largest sector for us over the past five years.  We place Digital, Data, Technology and Business Transformation/ Change specialists on a permanent and contract basis for some of the biggest players in the City.

We really understand our clients and the multiple factors that are currently at play; these include digital disruption / transformation, increased regulation, changes in fee structures, managing or removing legacy systems, use and management of Data and the growth of Fintechs.

Technology & Data effectiveness is ‘front and centre’ in the future operating model story.  New technologies will mean increased use of AI, RPA and ML which are acting on enriched data sources and data sets, this will transform all areas of the organisation; to remain competitive Asset and Wealth Managers will need to continue investing in Tech and the people that drive that transformation.

The search for talent and the next generation of AM professionals will be a differentiator for the successful AM of the future.  Capturing the millennial hire is important, as is having a compelling environment within which the Gen X or Y worker wishes to work and develop, and all the time focussing on the creation of a truly diverse workforce.

The skills most in demand are in the following areas:

  • Data Management
  • Decision support technologies which exploit data captured or the ‘data estate’ will be crucial e.g. Data Management / Artificial Intelligence / RPA & Automation & Productivity Management / NLP / ML
  • Platform Technologies e.g. Aladdin / Charles River
  • Outsourcing business model development and execution e.g. Selection, Deal and Agreement development and negotiation, SLA and Run aspects of o/s deals
  • Growth and Distribution Strategy Development
  • Alliances development and partnering approaches and best practice
  • Tech Savvy people where data analysis will be as or more important than fund analysis
  • Skills encompassing architecting, managing and designing the programmes / projects which deliver the above will be in high demand

Investment Banking

McCabe & Barton have been specialising in Financial Markets and partnering with top Investment Banks since we established our business in 2000.  Gillian McCabe’s background, working in Technology in the City for 18 years, coupled with the expertise of our other highly experienced Directors and Consultants, means we have established networks and relationships across the City that span decades.

There are multiple challenges the Investment Banks are currently facing, simultaneously there is unprecedented competition for talent – finding and retaining the right people, therefore, is essential to their success.  The primary challenges, and therefore the areas with the most completion for skills are:

  • Digital disruption is driving the B2C engagement model but most banks still have huge legacy technology stacks that are difficult to modernise.
  • B2C experiences are influencing B2B expectations, banks need to move from their existing client experience to a new model, this will include adoption of new technology and drive the ongoing interactions with FinTech organisations.
  • Data & automation strategies,  to drive transformational change, banks need to drive holistic data strategies to address data from a broad perspective and to use as a stepping stone to building AI & ML in valuable areas.  Lack of skilled & qualified staff is seen as one of the biggest challenges to implementing AI & ML successfully
  • Continued regulatory pressure
  • Cyber Security risk and transformation
  • Privacy – GDPR in EU, CCPA in US, more to follow across the world leading to majority of consumers being subject to some sort of data privacy regulations within the next 3-5 years.  Unstructured data remains a challenge to compliance.


At a time when the insurance industry is undergoing an unprecedented technical revolution as it adopts digital technology, McCabe & Barton are at the forefront of this change. Within the team, we have expert consultants who place C-suite executives and senior managers globally for brokers, carriers, service providers and start-up insurtechs.

By deploying our proactive search methodology, we create innovative recruitment solutions which may include executive search, talent mapping, salary benchmarking, market insights and succession planning.

McCabe & Barton’s insurance practice is underpinned by the core values of the Group, fostering a culture that attracts the best and most suited candidates for our clients; embracing inclusivity, respect and collaboration whilst building up lasting relationships.

Fin/Insur Tech

We have tailored our approach to bring a flexible offering which has proved successful with our current Fin/InsurTech clients. 

Understanding their needs and creating a bespoke solution, we have worked with companies from thought through to go-to market and maturity. 

Our understanding of how critical primary hires are to start ups in Financial Services and Insurance markets, means that we can unearth and attract the skills and personality that will help build you culture and ultimately the success of your business.

Our solutions page outlines the services we can package to become your bespoke recruitment partner.


We celebrate the value that a diverse team can bring to any business. We believe  that the a wider the diversity of experience and thought brings a wider the pool of knowledge used to influence each decision, idea or project.

We achieve this by:

  • Partnering with communities, networks and advocating for diversity awareness
  • Providing training on cultural sensitivity and unconscious bias
  • Utilising suppliers that are committed to diversity and inclusion
  • Recruiting for ourselves with diversity in mind

Policy alone is not enough to create an inclusive culture, which is why we believe in opportunity for all and take our responsibility to the industry seriously. We do this by challenging our clients’ hiring and development practices to ensure they are securing the talent to drive diversity and inclusion within their organisation.

European Market

McCabe & Barton have a successful European division headed up by Nic Simic. Nic is tri-lingual; speaking English, French and Spanish fluently.

He has worked in IT recruitment for nearly 20 years and has previously set up recruitment offices in both Geneva and Zurich. Currently working for large prestigious clients in Switzerland, France and Benelux.

McCabe & Barton Europe specialise in contract and permanent roles within IT and Business Transformation.

Central Government

In 2015 we started working with Central Government, providing permanent and interim leaders in Technology, Architecture, Digital and Data. We have an extremely strong record working with a number of Departments, Agencies and arms-length bodies, successfully sourcing and selecting candidates in this very competitive market.

We are very proud to work on these roles, without exception these opportunities are hugely exciting and challenging; transformational roles working at a scale, scope and complexity rarely seen in any other organisations. Our strategy is to work very closely and iteratively with the Hiring Manager, when sourcing candidates we focus our efforts primarily on proactive search.

If you are interested in learning more about working for Central Government please contact Caroline Goldie or Justin Frankum.

Our Solutions

We are more than a traditional recruitment company.

We also offer a flexible outsourced, bespoke recruitment (or recruitment and HR if required) service for companies who do not wish to hire a full time HR and / or recruitment person.

Please contact us to find out more.

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